14 Plants For Cough, Lung Infections, And Bronchitis

14 Plants For Cough, Lung Infections, And Bronchitis

Herbal medicines have the ability to improve the health of your lungs. Try some of the following herbal cures for lung problems:


This is a traditional Indian remedy for lungs, used in a form of tea or alcohol extract. It is able to relieve asthma, bronchitis, cough and also purifies the bronchus and lungs.


Well-known for its power to deal with diseases of the respiratory system. It is able to reduce throat irritation, purifies inflamed mucky tissue and serves as an expectoration remedy. Consuming this root will block the free radical cells and will relieve bronchial spasms. Also, this root possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties which makes it excellent even in preventing lung cancer.


The inhalation of cannabis essential oil relieves the irritation of the oral cavity caused by smoking. Also, it will clear the sinuses and bronchus. It is a well-known fact that cannabis is the most effective anti-cancer plant.


This plant is a traditional Indian lung remedy and grows in the Rocky Mountains. It is one of the best plants for strengthening the lungs because it contains camphor. It will improve lung circulation, ease the process of breathing in, and relieve respiratory irritations caused by seasonal colds.


The powerful thyme essential oils are classified as natural antibiotics. It is the best choice if you are having an acne issue and the thyme tea is effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria.


Oregano is full of vitamins and miners which will boost your immune system. It will purify the respiratory tract and the oregano essential oil is great against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.


The extracts of lobelia have a positive influence on treating few types of tumors thanks to the lobeline they contain. It eases the breathing process while stimulating the adrenal glands. Moreover, lobelia is an important part of many medicines against coughing.


This plant functions as a natural antibacterial agent for preventing lung infections.


This plant has a specific aroma and very often it is used for respiratory system cleaning. It contains cineole which prevents nose congestion and sinus irritation.


The extract of the leaves and flowers of this plant has the power to better the lung health. For example, one cup of boiled water with one tablespoon of the dried plant is an easy homemade tea that will help you a lot.


Indians used this plant for lung detox, mostly in a form of a tea. It contains powerful antioxidants.


Sage essential oil is excellent for the respiratory system. Drink sage tea if you suffer from a sore throat or a cough.


An excellent antioxidant which fights colds and improves breathing. Mint essential oil is a must-have when it comes to tending lung issues.


They can soothe a dry cough and also are great against lung irritation, cough, and cold.

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