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Top Natural Remedy Digital Marketing and Collaboration

This section describes a few ways of collaboration with topnaturalremedy about digital marketing.

How Topnaturalremedy can improve the SEO of my company web site?

1. Guest post written by a doctor?

If you have medical experience and you are looking a referral source (for better SEO ranking and extra web traffic) then topnaturalremedy is a good business place to start with.


1.1. The article needs to be with at least 500 words

1.2. Article content needs to be 100% unique (every accepted content will be checked for plagiarism)

1.3. In the article, you must cite the sources from which you drew information. (No Author, No Authority, No Source, No Credibility)

1.4. Article headlines need to be strictly about natural medicine (recipes, remedies, health tips, etc)

Benefits of writing guess posts for topnaturalremedy:

  • Your guest post will be published on Topnaturalremedy social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more) with approximately 800k followers!
  • In the article and at the end of the article, your company-blog-magazine (Web, Url) will be listed as a source. (getting a backlink for your SEO Rank)
  • Free website traffic (visitors usually click on the source Url’s of the article to confirm the credibility of the facts)
  • If you write 15+ articles per month then you automatically receive 24/7 support from topnaturalremedy admins. (TNR admins can help you in many areas about Digital Marketing) 
  • Good performing guest articles (those which receive high web traffic) will be also promoted, so promotion is a plus if the content is good. (higher web traffic means the higher percentage of chances for your cites and source links to be clicked which result for higher free referral web traffic)

2. Social Media Promotion of your content/articles on our Social Media Channels (PPC)

If you have unique content articles and you want to receive extra website traffic then topnaturalremedy can offer you to use our Social Media Channels to accomplish your goal.

(for additional information please contact TNR Admins)

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller.

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