Air plants have tiny vessels in their leaves known as trichomes, which capture nutrients and the moisture from the air. Also, the plants utilize their roots to an object that allows them to grow in all sorts of different locations.

Tillandsia, are some of the easiest plants to grow and they do not acquire a lot of work to take care of them.

Benefits from air plants

  • Detoxing a room and removing airborne contaminants that can cause allergies, headaches and more.
  • Helps to reduce the stress and make you feel happier, calmer and optimistic.
  • Allowing you to fight against the cold quicker, thanks to their ability to reduce increased humidity levels and dust.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide in the air during photosynthesis.
  • Allowing you to think clearer, focus better and even be more creative.
  • They are great for those in urban settings as they are small and require no soil.
  • They are resistant to pests and diseases. With the right amount of light and watering, they can last for years and years.
  • Air plants are exotic, attractive and they might turn hues of red, magenta, orange, yellow or even purple. Some of them have short, spiky leaves like palms, and others have long, graceful leaves.
  • During their lifestyle, they produce air plant babies. Those can be detached and used on their own.
  • They are ideal for maintenance- they only need watering once a week.
  • Air plants can fit in tiny spaces, and be placed in just about anything you can think of.

Living process for your air plants


All living things need light but not the air plants. Too much direct sun should be avoided as it can be harmful for them.


You can water air plants once a week for optimal health. If they sit in water too long, it can rot or cause different damage that can kill the plants.


They will lose some leaves and grow new ones. Every dead or brown leaf can be trimmed off. With correct trimming, the plant will have a more natural, attractive appearance.

The air plants can be in your favor. They are the only plants that do not need much attention and which can contribute a lot to you and your health.