Almost every adult experiences back pain at least once. The biggest misconception about back pain is rest. On the contrary, when in pain the body needs to be activated.

Rest for back pain is tolerated up to 48 hours, anything above can cause a counter effect.

If the muscles are inactive, depression, weakening of the muscles themselves, and even blood clots in the veins of the legs can occur. So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is regular exercise.

Various natural remedies alleviate and even eliminate this type of pain. In addition to some natural aids, a massage or lubrication of an ointment, which is preferable to be of natural basis, is always welcome.


Clay is one of the best natural remedies for back pain. Clay also has a big impact on joint pain. In medicine, clay is also accepted as a great help for many pains. 

It is very rich in mineral salts, as well as aluminum, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, silver, lead, and magnesium.

Clay dressing procedure

Clay has been known and effective for pain relief for centuries. To be applied as a dressing, it is necessary to mix it like bread with vinegar and a little water. To all this add a little ground nettle or finely chopped. The mixture prepared in this way is placed in nylon, although a cloth can be used. The sore spot is first coated with olive oil, and then a prepared dressing is applied. This procedure should be applied seven days in a row for the pain to disappear completely.

Figs and Plums

Figs and plums, from which very healthy and above all delicious tea can be made, will be of great help for back pain. Figs, plums, and apricots in a dried form greatly promote tissue regeneration, which makes the spine firmer. If the mentioned fruits are made into tea, which will be consumed regularly every night, the vertebrae will only return to their natural places in time, without various therapies.

Dried fruit tea recipe


  • 5 prunes
  • 1 dried fig  
  • 1 dried apricot 


Soak the dried fruits in water and put the pot on a stove. After the water boils remove the pot from the stove. Cover, and leave for two hours.  

Then strain and enjoy this healthy drink.

Onions and potatoes

Onions and potatoes are vegetables that are used daily, and surely many did not know that they have a very healing effect. When the forces of these two foods are combined, you will get very effective compresses that will very quickly resolve the painful areas of the spine and will soothe the unpleasant nerves.

Potatoes are a natural remedy for pain mostly in the lower back and are great at reducing swelling. Potatoes stimulate muscle relaxation, and thus speed up their work, and will retain heat where they act, which will be very pleasant for a person who is in pain at the time.

While the potatoes are doing their job, the onions during that time strongly stimulate circulation, which will greatly affect the mobility itself. It has its powers due to the large amount of sulfur that it can boast of in its composition. 

Onion and potatoes remedy recipe

Grind the onions and potatoes and add a little salt. When the mixture is well mixed, apply it in a thin layer on the sore spot, then cover it with sterile gauze and leave it to stand overnight.


Garlic, which is popularly known as a cure for many diseases, will also help with such ailments. Garlic is especially recommended for disc herniation. This powerful natural preparation is used in the form of a coating. 

Garlic remedy recipe 

Fry ten cloves of garlic in oil. This toasted mixture should be applied as a poultice on the sore spots on the back. This type of therapy should be repeated for at least a month, and the dressing should remain on the back for at least three hours.

Garlic is very effective in combination with milk. The mixture of these two foods as daily drunk is especially recommended for people suffering from sciatica. 

Garlic and milk recipe

Mash 4 cloves of garlic and add 200 ml of milk. Leave to boil. Then you can add honey or another natural sweetener to taste. 

Great for reducing back pain, this medicine is best taken up to 2 liters in a day. The therapy is not limited in time, as it has no side effects, so this drink can be used as long as you need.


Cabbage, which can be used to make great dressings, will be of great help when it comes to back pain. 

Cabbage recipe

Prepare the cabbage leaves, which you previously washed well. Remove the hard parts and it is best to thin the leaves well with a rolling pin. Apply olive oil to the sore spot first, and then apply the cabbage leaf coating. Fasten with gauze or plain linen fabric.

Keep the bandage on the sore spot for three hours in the morning and do the same in the afternoon. This natural therapy is recommended for six days, after which you should take a month’s break and repeat it.

Cabbage and clay recipe

Put half a kg of powdered clay in a large bowl, add 1 liter of mineral water and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the resulting mass and leave it for a few minutes. After a while, the mixture is ready for use.

Smear it on the sore spots, and through it, arrange the leaves of effective cabbage and tie it with a cloth or gauze. The cabbage and clay wrapper prepared in this way should stand on the sore spot for 12 hours.