Nowadays, hypertension, high levels of bad cholesterol, and clogged arteries are common health issues. All of them are a consequence of the regular consumption of junk food and the modern living. These problems could be life-threatening when left untreated.

The good news is that there is an excellent natural remedy which will help you fight off those health problems. You just need to prepare this amazing drink and consume it on daily basis, as regularly as possible in order to feel its positive effect on your overall health.

The ingredients used in this drink are all rich in vitamins and minerals that will detox your system and solve the excess fats in your cardiovascular flow. The baking soda will balance the pH levels in your body fluids and will keep you safe from tumors as well. The vitamin C from the lemons will protect your cells from the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Table of Contents


  • 4kg of lemons,
  • A bag of baking soda,
  • 5 bunches of parsley,
  • 12 cups of water


Pour the water into a pot and let it boil. Wash the lemons and cut them nicely into pieces, then add them to the water. After you’ve done that, add the baking soda, chop the parsley, and add it afterward. On low heat cook the mixture for 2 hours.

After you finish, transfer the mixture to a glass container and store it in a fridge. This amount would be enough for 20 days.

It is important to note that before you start consumption you have to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. For a better effect, it is always recommended to use high quality and chemicals- free products. Organic fruits and vegetables are a good choice.