The compound in this spice, called curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory, reduces the toxins that induce inflammation and it may prevent the activation of inflammation proteins. Also as an antioxidant fights of free radicals and by neutralizing them reduces inflammation in the lungs. Turmeric helps in breaking down mucus and lessens the removal of the mucus from the airways, relieving your cough and improving the ability to take a deep breath.

Osha root

Native Americans have used this plant for respiratory support. It is also known by the name bear root. Camphor and other compounds that can be found in the root of this plant have the power to encourage the proper functioning of the lungs. By improving the blood circulation this root helps the lungs to take a deeper breath.


The oregano’s compounds are known as natural decongestants and histamine reducers. They have a direct and beneficial influence on the nasal passage and the respiratory tract. Besides, oregano essential oil is more effective than antibiotics when it comes to Staphylococcus aureus treatment. The oregano oil can help in boosting your immune system, healthy digestion, and fighting allergies


Usually used in the kitchen as a spice, but this herb has very powerful health benefits. It has antibacterial properties and it can be used to stop persistent cough, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system as it has a lot of vitamin C, and vitamin A. This herb fights respiratory infections and it serves as an antiseptic, relieving mucus from the lungs.


An herbal extract made of the leaves and flowers of mullein is very often used for strengthening the lungs. It is also able to eliminate mucus from the lungs, lower respiratory tract inflammation, and detoxes the bronchial tubes. Both mullein tea and tincture are effective. Native Americans even smoked dried leaves of this plant to help lungs in relieving respiratory coughing and to relax the airways when breathing became difficult.


Lungwort or Pulmonaria Officinalis is used a long time as natural medicine. Since the 1600s, this plant has been used for improving lung and respiratory health. Its powerful compounds can encourage the removal of harmful organisms affecting respiratory health. This powerful plant has many beneficial properties like antioxidant, anti-irritant, digestive, diuretic, and antibiotic.
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