You can find a small packet of silica gel in almost every new pair of shoes, in a new purse or any other item that could be damaged by moisture exposure. Silica gel is grainy, it has a glass-like form obtained synthetically from sodium silicate. It is mostly used as desiccant- a substance that induces a state of dryness by chemically bonding with water molecules.

Silica gel is most often encountered as beads inside a small paper packet. Packed like this, it is used to control humidity and avoid damage and destruction of various goods. Silica gel is not toxic, but the package is often labeled with cautions such as not to eat the content.

The silica gel pack can be used many times before it becomes saturated with water. But even so, the silica gel can be renewed and reused.

Place the silica gel packs on a baking pan and dry them for about 1-2 hours at 120 Celsius.

Here are 3 fascinating and useful ways to use the silica gel

Keep Foods Fresh

As we mentioned before, silica gel isn’t toxic, therefore we can use it to prevent mold forming to vegetables that we often buy in bulk, such as potatoes or carrots. Place 1-2 bags of silica gel into the potatoes bag, or into the carrots jar. This will soak every possible water drop, keeping it dry and mold free.

Silica gel can also be used to prevent the spices from clumping due to water exposure. Place 1 bag of silica gel into a jar with the moistened spice, and tape it to the lid.

Even the large bag of chips you bought and couldn’t finish can be fresh longer. Tape 1 bag of silica gel inside the chips and store it where you usually would.

Save the Wet Phone

It is not a very unusual case where one loses a good phone, because of recklessness. The damage done to a phone by water or any liquid is most likely to be fatal. But the chances of repairing, are very high if you have several silica gel packages at hand.

They will absorb any moisture from every part of the phone, including the parts where we can’t reach with a towel. Remove the battery and any additional memory cards, and together with the phone, put them into a bowl filled with silica gel packages. Leave it overnight and see the result in the morning.

Shiny Silverware

Putting a few silica gel packets into a silverware drawer will keep the silverware safe and dry so they won’t degrade or tarnish. If they already have a layer of corrosion, put them in a bowl, sprinkle them with Sodium Bicarbonate and pour boiling water over.

Leave it for 2-3 hours, then scrub any leftover tarnish with a sponge. Your silver should now look beautiful as new, but to keep it that way, store it with silica gel packets.