For healthy lips appearance and their protection from soreness, dryness and cracked skin, there is a number of essential vitamins that must be included in every diet.

Vitamins essential for healthy lips’ appearance are Vitamins A, C, E, B and B2, fatty acids and iron. Furthermore, good nutritional diet and drinking plenty of water are two very important things for keeping the lips soft and healthy.

A good way to protect the lips from the harsh environmental conditions like cold weather, wind or sun, is to use petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly or otherwise known as Vaseline will keep them guarded and moisturized, therefore the lips will have a soft, plump and healthy look.

Sometimes, there are some changes in our body that we can hardly notice, but the lips are often a subtle indicator and determiner of what the organism needs.

Iron Deficiency

Our body has certain requirements in the means of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Sometimes when we crave a certain type of food is because we lack some nutrient it contains.

The lips are also a great indicator of what vitamins or minerals we are missing. Angular cheilitis is when cracking on the corners of the mount appears and can be a symptom of a variety of nutritional deficiencies. It might be iron that is missing because the cells aren’t regenerating as fast as they should if there isn’t enough iron in the body.

Vitamin B complex Deficiency

Cracked, dry and peeling lips might be an indicator that some vital nutrient is missing from our diet. In this case, the Vitamin B complex group is most likely the one that is missing and you can improve your skin and lip health by eating foods rich in these vitamins.

Such foods are peanuts, mushrooms, avocado, sunflower seeds for B3, cheese, almonds, and eggs for B2, nuts and seeds, bananas, and spinach for B6.


Dry and chapped lips are the most common issue when it comes to lip problems.

They are often caused by environmental conditions, like the hot sun or cold wind. But, if you haven’t been exposed to any of these harsh conditions, chances are you are slightly dehydrated.

Dehydration is a serious medical emergency, but you are only experiencing dry and cracked lips, try and hydrate with herbal teas, plain water or lemon water.