Dates are a tropical fruit that grows on palm trees. The nutritional value of dates is almost incredible- they provide a huge amount of essential nutrients and are a perfect source of dietary potassium.

Ripe dates contain sugar of 80 %, the rest is dietary fiber, protein, and elements such as cobalt, copper, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and fluorine.

Not only is the fruit itself used for our benefit, but the whole plant too. For example, in Pakistan, they made a thick syrup from ripe dates which is later used as a coating for leather bags and other accessories, and also coating pipes to prevent them from leaking.

Virtually every part of the tree is used, be it for making ropes, fishing boats, or baskets.

The seeds are also useful. They are being used as animal food by soaking them and grinding them up.

The oil of dates’ seeds is adapted for use in various cosmetics and soaps.

Eating dates will improve our health, keep the blood sugar regulated and provide us with important minerals.

Increase Energy Level

Because of the great amount of natural sugar- fructose and dextrose, dates are a perfect choice for an instant boost of energy. When you are feeling hungry, weak or even you have a feeling that your blood sugar is low, take 2-3 dates and see how your mood and body recuperates within seconds of eating them.

Healthy Heart

Dates contain potassium. Potassium is linked to reducing the risk of stroke and many others heart-related issues. Dates are known to have a positive effect on reducing the levels of bad cholesterol, therefore are perfect for keeping the blood vessels clean and help the blood flow.

Treat Anemia

In treating patients with anemia many dietary supplements are prescribed. Dates provide a wide range of necessary minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, sodium, calcium and most important of them all in treatment for anemia- the impressive amount of iron.

Alongside Vitamin B, folate, A and K, make them flawless fruit to be consumed in the fight against anemia.