The peels of the orange and Lemon are usually considered as a protective skin, rind, or a zest. People always throw it away, but in fact, it has an incredible ability to improve your nutrition and provide you a large number of dietary, preventative, and even skin-clearing properties.

The nutritional properties of the orange peel

Have you known that an orange peel does not have any fat, cholesterol or sodium? And actually it has six calories and even one gram of carbohydrates. So, taking this in mind, the orange peels should not be thrown away.

They have a lot of fiber and vitamin C that makes them an incredibly healthful food.


This fiber, especially the dietary fiber, like the ones in the orange peels, has an ability to make you feel full faster and also it can help in the digestion of the food faster than usual.

Vitamin C

Orange peels are full of vitamin C which can help you to boost your immune system and even prevent the cardiovascular diseases, it improves the health of the eyes and reduces the risk of stroke. Also, it can help you to eliminate the wrinkles.


Phytonutrients are the nutrients that plants make use of. These nutrients are usually used for protecting against threats like fungi or bugs.


Reducing the risk of skin, breast, and colon carcinogen

Orange peels are full of antioxidants that can help your body to eliminate the free radicals that can cause genetic damage in the cells. Furthermore, this a great way to reduce the risk of skin, breast, and even colon carcinogen.

Helps you to lose weight

As I mentioned before, orange peels have fiber that can make you feel fuller and to digest the food faster. This can lead to weight loss.

Cardiovascular health

The orange peels have flavonoids that are called nobiletin which is an antioxidant and it can help to reduce inflammation.

Skin health

The Vitamin C in the orange peels can help you to keep your skin healthy. Also, it can ease the sunburns and reduce itching.

As you can see, throwing away the orange peels can be a bad idea. They have a large number of health and nutritional benefits plus, they smell really good.