Maintaining a healthy immune system, ready to fight any infection, especially now during a coronavirus pandemic, is crucial.

A weakened immune system makes us more vulnerable to diseases. Nowadays we have to be careful about respiratory diseases like Covid-19. A weakened immune system also leads to a number of health problems and microbial diseases.

Experts say that the most important thing is a healthy and balanced diet, adequate and quality sleep, stress management, avoidance of smoking and alcohol, regular exercise, weight maintenance, food hygiene, and personal hygiene.

To recognize a weakened immune system, pay attention to the signals your body sends you. In addition, we give four common signs that may indicate that you should work on strengthening your immunity.

Frequent colds

It is perfectly normal to catch a cold once or twice a year. However, frequent colds are an obvious sign that your immunity is weakened. Prolonged use of antibiotics, more than twice a year can also mean that your body may not be “ready” to fight the germs it is exposed to. Note: Excessive use of antibiotics over time will only make matters worse, as the bacteria become resistant and the drugs do not work. In other words, it is better to boost your immunity and resistance than the resistance of bacteria.

Skin infections

With burns, cuts, and bruises, our body responds by “sending” rich nutrients to repair damaged skin. This skin healing process depends on healthy immune cells. This is usually associated with a lack of zinc which allows cells to regenerate in the body and heal wounds. Overall when the immune system is weakened, the skin heals more slowly.

Flatulence, gas, and constipation

Our digestive system makes up almost 70% of the entire immune system. In addition, beneficial bacteria and microorganisms (flora) that “live” there protect the intestines from infections and improve immunity. Disorders of the intestinal flora can increase the risk of viral infection or cause chronic inflammation. More and more scientific research shows how important healthy intestines are and every day we learn more and more about the connection between immunity and intestinal flora. Flatulence, gas, or constipation may be signs of a weakened immune system.

Chronic fatigue

If you still feel tired even though you have slept enough, there may be a problem with your immunity. There are many consequences of chronic fatigue: joint pain, nausea, decreased appetite… All this can mean that our immunity is weakened.

These are just some of the symptoms of reduced immunity, but there are many causes and many different ways in which this problem manifests itself. Other symptoms may be hair loss, skin changes like eczema, dry nose (yes, you read that right: a dry nose, not one that is constantly flowing, because it is one of the ways to defend against pathogens, and a dry nose does not have that function), acne, and even some severe autoimmune diseases and tumors.

So it’s never enough to emphasize the need to take vitamins and minerals daily. Try to that naturally by increasing the fruits and vegetable intake.