Sciatica is a severe pain that comes from the lower back and radiates into the thigh and lower leg. The sciatic nerve arises from the lower part of the spine and runs along the back of the leg. Any irritation to it can cause inflammation that results in sciatica.

You may experience tingling or painful sensation, and numbness in the legs many times associated with weakness. The pain is usually severe, deep, and debilitating and that’s why people get desperate and use painkillers. The good news is that there are other remedies and lifestyle changes which can help you avoid the pain!


Discontinue Gym Workouts

When your sciatic nerve is under stress exercise is a good thing. Not strenuous workouts, but natural activities like walking, running and swimming. Using gym equipment can further strain your lower back and aggravate inflammation as it restricts the natural moving patterns of our body.

Do Stretching Exercises

Gently performed stretching exercises may bring you pain relief, although sciatica pain may dissuade you from stretching the lower back and the legs. This remedy can relieve the stress on the Piriformis muscle and the hamstring and can help resolve the underlying problem by relieving sciatica-like symptoms.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a holistic system of stretching the body to increase flexibility and correct faulty postures that cause spinal problems. It is a form of body-mind meditation, which is more important because it helps relieve mental and physical stress at the same time. For sciatica relief, we recommend you the shoulder pose (Kandharasana), cat stretch pose (marjariasana), bow pose (dhanurasana), tiger pose (Vyaghrasana), and eagle pose (garudasana).

Use a Natural Pain Reliever

Our movements become limited or extremely awkward when we experience pain in some body part. When it comes to sciatica that can be counterproductive and it is very important to involve the painful area in our movements. You must move the affected leg and the lower back area because that helps increase blood circulation.

Instead of taking the prescribed painkillers, try some natural remedies. For example, consume ginger tea and turmeric milk which are excellent anti-inflammatory agents.

Get Deep Massage

Deep massage can bring a nerve relief, although it may be temporary. Have a qualified masseuse who knows the right technique. A light massage by a partner can help you relax and help improve your sleep as well.

Apply Hot and Cold Compresses

Heat can relax tense muscles that exacerbate the condition. It has been proven that alternating heat and cold contrast therapy is a good way to relieve pain and swelling. It is better to use cold compresses at the beginning of a sciatica episode. Use alternating hot and cold compresses if the pain persists more than two days.

(Article Research Source)
(Article Research Source)