The liver is a key organ in our body’s digestive system, because detoxifies metabolites and synthesizes proteins. The liver produces bile, an alkaline compound, essential for digestion which helps break down fat.

Eating too much junk food, excessive drinking of alcohol and taking certain medicines can damage the liver which can lead to various health problems. Taking good care of the liver is a very important thing and this list of herbs can very much help in the process of doing so.


Turmeric may be one of the healthiest spices in the world. It helps avoid high cholesterol levels in the blood and decreases the danger of fatty liver disease by stimulating the enzymes responsible for cholesterol metabolism.

Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties and has antioxidant properties.


Peppermint is a powerful herb that can help ease a wide range of health problems, starting from the common cold symptoms, reducing blood pressure, skin conditions, headaches, and migraines; to top it all, it helps the liver.

Peppermint essential oil encourages healthy bile flow from the liver to the gallbladder and aids the digestive system as a whole.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It has strong antioxidant properties which taken in the right dose can bring great benefits such as help in lowering cholesterol, preventing the risk of heart diseases and fatty liver disease.

The recommended dose of green tea is three to five cups per day.


Even though nettle is a slightly unpopular plant because of the discomfort and the stinging sensation it brings by simply touching it, it has various health benefits.

Nettle tea is great for anemia and fatigue because it contains a high percent of iron and Vitamin K. Nettle is also good for stimulating the lymphatic system, helping the kidneys to remove toxins from the body.


Onions are rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, folate and Vitamin C. Both red and white onions have sulfur that stimulates the liver function and helps in binding with chemicals and toxins, and successfully removing them from our system.

Another great thing onions can do for us is help reduce cholesterol levels, improve detoxification process and because of the high amount of folate helps in creating new cells and metabolize amino acids.


The benefits of eating garlic are almost endless. It has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it one of the essential ingredient we must include in our diet. Garlic helps the liver to stimulate enzymes that remove pollutants from our body.

The great levels of allicin also aid in liver cleansing. Try to include at least five cloves of garlic daily in your diet and improve your liver function.