Iodine deficiency is the main cause of hypothyroidism or low thyroid function. The thyroid gland cannot work properly if there is a lack of iodine in the diet, as well as iron, zinc, or selenium.

There are plenty of foods that one can consume to ease this disorder, and alleviate some of the symptoms of low thyroid function.

The symptoms include poor concentration, fatigue, low energy, tiredness, hair loss, muscle cramps and aches, dry skin, dry hair, and cold intolerance.


Consuming a lot of seafood can be a great way to add a healthy amount of iodine in one’s diet. Seafood includes oysters, cod, shrimp, lobster, sea kelp, dilli, and dulse.


Eggs not only are a great source of iodine but are also a great provider of selenium, another essential mineral for a healthy thyroid function. Chicken and quail eggs can be boiled or fried, added to smoothies or eaten by themselves, and offer a great amount of minerals iodine and selenium, as well as protein.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as yogurt, milk, buttermilk, cheese, curd, and mozzarella are a very rich source of iodine.


This leafy vegetable is one of the oldest known vegetable consumed by humans. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and is especially a great iodine provider. Vegans often rely on this leafy vegetable for a healthy iodine intake.


Iodine in salt is often added nowadays. To make sure that the salt you are consuming is iodine enriched, always make sure to check the packaging. The iodine salt is known to help overcome several thyroid dysfunctions, including hypothyroidism.


Sometimes cooking takes away the vitamins from the vegetables and the fruits, but that is not the case for the mineral iodine. Vegetables like potatoes, legumes, corn, soybeans, spinach, broccoli, artichoke, beans, and peas are a great iodine source. Always make sure to include some of these vegetables in your everyday diet.


Many fruits are a great source of Vitamin C, an antioxidant with many healing properties. Fruits also contain a high amount of many minerals, including iodine and they are strawberries, figs, cranberries, kiwi, coconut, apple, dates, mango, apricots, pineapple, and many others.