Dr. Dwight Lundell is a heart surgeon who stopped practicing and continued his career to heart disease prevention. After 25 years of experience, he realized the error of his methods and wanted to share his newfound understanding that a healthy lifestyle which includes natural, whole and unprocessed foods is what prevents and reverses heart disease. Dr. Lundell recalls his two and a half misguided decades as a cardiac surgeon, where he prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications and recommended a low-fat diet.


According to Dr. Lundell noted that inflammation is natural and essential for both healing and protecting. Our level of inflammation it’s something we manifest from our lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, many of us are feeding our inflammation by following the recommendations outlined by our healthcare system.


The low-fat diet causes the inflammation in our blood vessels and it has been recommended for years by mainstream medicine, said Dr. Lundell. Do you know that flour, sugar, and vegetable oils are not good for you? They may be void of toxic chemical pesticides and non-GMO but that does not equal a nutritionally wealthy product.

Oils are super-concentrated sources of fat and it can be found in almost 80% of our pre-made foods. Omega-6 fatty acids must be obtained from our food choices because our body can’t produce them. They are essential for our well-being and are part of every cell membrane. However, they must be in the correct balance with omega-3 fatty acids and that’s a problem for a majority of the population. Our cell membranes produce chemical called cytokines when our intake of omega-6 is out of balance with omega-3. Cytokines directly cause inflammation.


When you eat your favorite simple carbohydrates your body digests them into smaller and simpler forms such as glucose. The glucose molecules go into the bloodstream and then the pancreas secretes insulin hormones to push the glucose into cells for energy. A glucose can be rejected from cell entry if the cell is already full and doesn’t need glucose. In that case, blood sugar rises, producing more insulin and the extra glucose will be stored as fat.
The blood vessels are not able to fully relax or dilate when blood glucose levels remain elevated. Sugar molecules are able to injure the blood vessel wall and if that injury is repeated it sets off inflammation.


Choose more foods that are fresh and as close to their natural state as possible. Consume fresh and colorful vegetables, and include low-glycemic foods. Say NO to all forms of vegetable oil and choose whole food ingredients. Eliminate pre-made foods because that’s not real food.
By including whole fresh options and eliminating inflammatory foods, you are working to reverse years of damage in your arteries. Food is the most simple building block in our body and we are what we eat.