Before the development of the sugar industry, dietary fructose was present in only a few items. Meats, milk, and most vegetables did not contain any. But with the rise in the worldwide sugar industry, there was a significant increase in added sugars in almost every food product. At the same time, the rates of obesity rose, together with heart diseases, elevated blood triglycerides and overall health issues. Therefore it is safe to point the correlation between consuming enormous amounts of sugar and increased health problems.

Table sugar is replaced with high fructose corn syrup- an artificial sweetener also called HFCS, which is made from corn starch processed by glucose to convert into fructose.

It is added in almost all of the commercial sweet drinks, iced teas, sauces, and it is a primary ingredient in most pancake syrups since it’s less expensive substitute for maple syrup.

The popular saying “the dose makes the poison” can perfectly fit here because most of us are exposed to this kind of sugar without even realizing it.

Too much sugar can be very harmful to our health because it can lead to obesity and many other health issues.

Added sugars or artificial sweeteners cause insulin resistance and increase the deposition of fat in the cells. Foods that contain high-fructose corn syrup are actually empty calories, with no nutritional value whatsoever. Consuming too much fructose does not make you full, consequently increases food intake, resulting in excessive weight gain.

Sugar is definitely the main factor in the progress of dental caries and tooth decay. Sugars and other fermentable carbohydrates contribute to the actions of oral bacteria by lowering the mouth pH.

The result is the beginning of tooth caries and tooth decay.

To avoid all of these harmful effects of overconsumption of sugars, try and make some lifestyle changes.

Eating a balanced diet, filled with vegetables and fruits, will benefit your health in most efficient ways possible. Vegetables and fruits do contain natural sugars, but also a high amount of dietary fiber which allows the digestive system to absorb all the necessary nutrients. Avoid drinking sodas and commercial iced teas, since they all have artificial sweeteners, but do drink only natural beverages like herbal teas and homemade smoothies. Exercise to burn all the extra calories gained from unsuspected sources and the positive results will surprise you.