Chinese women use the pearl powder face mask in order to keep their skin looking flawless. For over 2000 years crushed pearls have been used in Chinese medicine, but their health benefits have become a common knowledge in the West in the past few years. It turned out that crushed pearls can improve digestive health and have strong anti-aging properties on your skin.

This article is about the production, the benefits and the application of crushed pearls. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn something new!

Health Benefits of Crushed Pearls

Crushed pearls are made from fresh or saltwater pearls, so the ones you have in your jewelery box are out of the question. Those precious pearls are collected and classified, then sterilized in boiling water, before being milled into a fine powder using stainless steel (or small porcelain balls, no hammers are involved). The fine powder is either mixed into creams or sold as it is.

For your information, the powder is a purer substance. There are two separate benefits of consuming crushed pearls, according to two different scientific studies.

  • Calcium Absorption

According to the results of an experiment conducted on rats in 2008, the addition of crushed pearls into your diet could help with the failure of the use of nutrients in your digestive system. The absorption of calcium is critical for bone health and development. Also, it helps the body fight off tumor cell growth.

  • Healthy Skin

According to the Chinese Department of Cosmetics, pearl powder has fine moisturizing efficiency for the human skin. It has been proven that pearl powder can hydrate and protect the skin against toxins. Hydrating the skin is crucial if you are to fight off the signs of aging.

It ensures that the skin layer remains plump and resilient to disease and weather conditions, all of which can damage your skin over time.

How to Consume Pearl Powder?

As a Supplement- Boost your health!


  • Mix a ¼ of a tsp of pearl powder with a drink – water, tea, orange juice etc.
  • Put a ¼ of a tsp into yogurt
  • Put a tsp into a rice dish

As a Face Mask- Fresher and younger!


  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tsp of olive oil
  • 1 tsp of pure apple juice
  • 1 tsp of pure Pearl Powder

Preparation: It is simple, just combine all the ingredients in a bowl and your mask is ready.
Conclusion: Crushed pearls have been working for people’s well-being and health for a long time. Now, science has to catch up with ancient wisdom!