Do you like strawberries? Do you enjoy eating pineapples? Have you ever heard of strawberries that taste like pineapple? I am sure that you would like to try them, now that you know they exist, but how about growing them by yourself?

Pineberries are not very well known because they are still quite scarce on the market. That is why growing them might be the best option to enjoy these unique and amazing fruits.

Growing pineberries

To begin with, you can choose from three varieties White Pineberry, White Carolina or White D. If you can find seeds in a local store, consider yourself lucky. In case you can’t you will need to buy seeds online.

Because of their unusual combination of looks and taste, many people consider them to be GMO, which they are not. They grow naturally in the wild. The only issue in growing them, that makes them so rare is that when the temperatures rise, they stop bearing fruit.

In case you decide to keep them indoors, use a standard container but pay attention that it has a good drainage because they should not be too wet. Also, they do not have an optimal growth if they are too closely planted. Another thing that you should pay attention to is the sunlight. Your pineberries will need about 12 hours of sunlight.

Recipe for soil :

  • 10 parts sterile potting soil
  • 10 parts peat moss
  • 8 parts perlite
  • 4 parts compost
  • 1 part sand

Mix all the ingredients and check the pH level. Make sure that the pH is between 5,5 and 6,5.

Plant your seeds and keep the soil moist in the next week, when your plants have more than 2 leaves you can water them by need.

Aside from being interesting and new, there are many other reasons why you should try them out. They are rich in fiber and vitamin A. They are good for your health, improve the immune system and keep your energy at a good level.

I wish you good luck and I hope that you will enjoy the fruits of your gardening project!