Bathing in apple cider vinegar is a great way to experience a full body detox. This versatile vinegar can be used as a base for salad dressings, a hot drink to sip on in the morning and a lot more. Using it on your skin can be beneficial too because bathing in this vinegar will make you feel incredible and your skin will love you for this!

6 Benefits of an Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Fungus fighter

ACV helps clear up quite a few pesky skin conditions. For example, fungus and bacteria like to settle on your skin and your regular soap or body wash won’t always kill them. In this case, ACV can really help you, so why not give it a try?!

Sunburn soother

Try soaking in a vinegar bath instead of grabbing the chemical laden after sun cream. This extraordinary vinegar will soothe the painful sunburn and it may also help you heal faster so you can continue to enjoy sunny days.

Body odor buster

Most of us occasionally suffer from the stinky body odor and putting on more chemical filled deodorant is not helpful at all. Bacteria tend to mix with your natural sweat when you are in a warm and slightly moist environment. You’ll probably get rid of this bacteria after bathing in ACV.

Healthy hair

ACV is wonderful for your hair thanks to its acid that helps strip off the oily residue that builds up on your hair. It will restore your hair’s natural shine, it will keep your hair soft, supple and will prevent split ends. Moreover, ACV reduces dandruff and it won’t take long before you see an improvement in the shine and quality of your luscious locks.

Friend to your feet

Feet stink, sweat, and sometimes grow strange things on them. ACV can help reduce that unseemly odor and can eliminate warts and athlete’s foot.

Joint pain relief

ACV may help if you suffer from joint pain. Results have shown that those who regularly bathe in ACV experienced joint pain improvement.

How Does It Work?

ACV contains antibacterial properties and it is a great source of vitamin C and B-vitamins. Moreover, it is naturally acidic which can help to balance your body’s ever-shifting pH levels. Skin needs assistance to remain balanced and stay young. In ACV you’ll be able to find lots of minerals that will nourish and moisturize your skin.

The Bath Routine

  • Fill your tub with warm or hot water. Add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar.

  • Soak at least 20 minutes. Get your hair wet and rinse your face with a washcloth.

  • Take a cool shower to rinse off the excess vinegar water.