There are beneficial insects that are an integral part of every successful garden. These insects can help control and reduce the populations of detrimental insects. Moreover, beneficial insects are responsible for the pollination of flowers, both ornamental and for food crops. There are many good reasons why you should provide these insects with inviting homes. In that way you can promote their wellbeing and contribute to increasing their numbers, also many of your guests will devour the unwanted pests in your garden, getting the season off to a good start.


  • Broaden your understanding of nature

Most of the people don’t understand insects and that’s why they are afraid of them. Sometimes you might be scared by their unusual or sudden appearance. Sometimes what might scare you is the fact that they have flown or crawled somewhere. There may also be fears about a bite or sting. So, if you build a bug hotel, you will be able to observe how they live and who checks in. You can see whether or not they are aggressive, what they feed on, or are they a threat to you or your garden. Gain an understanding of these tiny creatures because that’s how you’ll be less afraid of them.

  • Beneficial insects need love too

Solitary insects such as butterflies, moths, ladybugs, and solitary bees are some of your garden’s pollinators. They must find warm, dry space to build their nests and to hibernate over the winter. These insects could be our garden’s next best friend, why not offer them a home?!

  • Loss of natural habitat

The natural spaces are the home of these insects and mankind expands into more and more of those spaces. Therefore these insects are at big loss of places to nest and hibernate. Moreover, as we “clean” up our world, we are destroying theirs and that’s why building a bug hotel is a great idea.

  • Add interest to your garden

There are different types of gardens and that’s why bug hotels come in many shapes and sizes. Bug hotels can be constructed from your imagination, or they can be made from store-bought kits. You can use recycled or upcycled materials to create amazing homes that enhance the appearance of your garden as well as being functional.

  • Provide therapeutic activities for young and old

Elementary schools and nursing homes are looking for activities that will bring their members and visitors closer to the outdoors. Building and monitoring a bug hotel promotes teamwork and learning and both of these benefits are very good for the young and old.

With this being said, it is easy to understand how beneficial it can be to build a bug hotel in your garden. Be creative because there are so many ways to build your own bug hotel, you just need a few tools and some materials. Have in mind, that not all insects look for the same things, some like wood, other prefer leaves, and some choose stones. Good luck!