Chayote or vegetable pear is a very tasty, nutritious, and healthy vegetable that unfortunately lacks the popularity it deserves. Its characteristical nutrient values will positively influence your health and enable you to lose those extra pounds.

It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae or gourd family. The light green colored chayote has a mild flavor and crunchy texture just like the pumpkin. It grows on a vine that can climb almost anywhere.

If you are simply looking for ways to improve your diet or you have health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity or anemia you should definitely consider making chayote part of your menu.


Lowers LDL cholesterol

It contains no cholesterol or unhealthy fats which means you can enjoy a chayote meal without worrying that your cholesterol levels will be raised. In addition, the vegetable is rich in soluble fiber which binds cholesterol and removes it from your system.

Protects you from malign and benign tumors

Cayote contains aglycone flavonoid polyphonic antioxidants in apigenin and luteolin. These compounds have an important roll in combating free radicals and other oxidative processes that have a roll in the aging process and growth of cancerous tissue.

Improve bowel function

Chayote promotes regular bowel movement. The dietary fiber it contains will prevent digestive issues and draw more water that softens your stool.

Weight loss

The lack of calories in this vegetable and the big amounts of fiber are a perfect combination of a weight loss regime. The fiber will make you feel full and satisfied for a longer period, so you will not feel the need to snack often or overeat.

Against hypertension

The high amount of potassium in chayote will prevent high blood pressure. Many hypertension patients have noticed that regular intake of this vegetable improves their condition.

Prevents and treats anemia

Vitamin B2 and iron are both crucial for healthy blood. They promote the production of red blood cells which are vehicles for the oxygen in the body.