The most painful inflammatory arthritis, the burden of gout, is the most common arthritis in men and older women. In fact, it is affecting millions of Americans. But, there is a solution to this painful issue, all you need is some cherry juice. Only half of a cup of cherries a day can remarkably reduce the risk of gout attacks. If fresh cherries are not in season, you can get frozen cherries or cherry juice concentrate.

The difference between cherry juice concentrate and pomegranate juice concentrate in the prevention of attacks in the burden of gout.

Two groups were given trial cherry juice and pomegranate juice concentrate as a control for the prevention of attacks in gout sufferers who were having as many as four attacks a month.

The first group got a tablespoon of cherry juice twice a day for four months. And, the second group got a tablespoon of pomegranate juice concentrate twice a day for four months

The results showed that the first group that was drinking cherry juice dropped the number of gout flares from five to two. While the other group that was drinking pomegranate juice only dropped the number of gout flares from five to four.

The ones that were in the first group were able to stop their medications within two months after drinking cherry juice. While the other group, that was drinking pomegranate juice, could not stop using their medications even after they had drunk pomegranate juice.

The question is, is it really good to use cherry juice as a medication for gout?

Only the drug companies that sell medications for gout think that is bad to use cherry juice. It is reasonable that only pharmaceutical industry will be against this natural cure for the painful inflammatory arthritis. Because of the cherry juice, they will not be able to sell medications as they did before.

Being able to cure the painful inflammatory arthritis in a natural and easy way with cherry juice is cheaper than to buy all those medications.

In my opinion, you do not have anything to lose if you try to reduce gout with cherry juice. Plus you definitely will enjoy its rich taste.