Water is a necessity. Drinking the recommended amount of about 2 liters of water per day can be tasteless and almost unreachable. Sugary juices or cola are not good for you, plus they have a lot of calories.

That is why, today, I am writing about the concept of infused water. To be more precise, cucumber-infused water. This drink has it all: the looks because of the slices of fruits or vegetables floating in the water, the taste as well because of the fruits and spices you add and the health benefits of all contents. So it’s a win-win-win combination.

Benefits of cucumber water consumption:

It’s good for the muscles

Cucumbers contain silica, a trace mineral necessary to keep connective tissue healthy. It is a good idea to add a few slices of cucumber to your work out water bottle.

It’s good for the skin

The antioxidants from the cucumber combined with the cleansing power of water will keep your skin clear and shiny. In addition, you can also use the water topically as an anti-acne treatment.

It’s low calorie

An entire cucumber is on average about 45 calories. A few slices of it in your water bring an almost insignificant number of calories but make a big difference in nutrients.

Motivates you to drink water

People like things to taste good. That is why drinking infused water means that you will drink more water.

It’s detoxifying

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and drinking a lot of water is crucial for the detoxication process, that is why exactly cucumber water is an integral part of the juice detox diets.

Choose your cucumber wisely

In order to get the benefits from this drink, it is recommendable to use high-quality ingredients. Cucumbers are one of the most widely grown plants, but unfortunately, their popularity and demand producers often use different kinds of chemicals on them.

It is better to use organic cucumbers, or at least cucumbers that are not waxed. In case you have access only to waxed ones, be advised to peel them before use.

For a richer taste, you can add some mint or ginger.