Sage has a long history of medicinal and culinary use. It is a wonderful and functional plant with shimmering silvery-green leaves and pretty blue flowers. For sure it deserves a good place in your garden and here is why..


It’s Easy to Grow

Once established, this plant is easy to take care for. It requires well-draining soil and full sun, and if you practice companion planting, plant sage next to the brassica family. Choose an edible variety of sage, like Purple Sage, Tri-color Sage, Golden Sage or Garden Sage.

It Smells Beautiful

Add the distinctive earthy tones of the sage plant if you want a truly aromatic garden.

It Repels Garden Pests

Sage plant can keep vegetable-munching pests like carrot flies at bay. So, why not plant sage outdoors?!

It Attracts Pollinators

The earthy tones of the sage plant will attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees to your backyard. In the same time, these creatures will help to pollinate your flowers and plants and will add color to your garden.


In the Kitchen

Sage is a fantastic culinary herb to have on hand, due to its intense flavor reminiscent of eucalyptus, lemon, and mint.

  • Infused Oils

Preserve your harvest with an infusion of pure oil with the earthy aroma and flavor of sage. It will take just minutes to prepare, you won’t need any special equipment and the results will be fantastic.

Herbal Butter

Add some homegrown sage in your butter which is great on top of grilled chicken, fish, or tossed with steamed vegetables.

Rosemary Sage Seasoning Salt

An incredible flavor combination which is great for a simple yet delicious meat rub. Also, you can use it in soups or sprinkle on roasted vegetables and scrambled eggs.

Bread and Pasta

A drizzle of sage infused oil or a smear of sage butter will add a great flavor to your plain home-baked bread and pasta.


Imagine a sweet and crunchy maple sage ice cream with sugared walnuts, or an ingenious brown butter and sage apple pie?!


Starting from detox waters to cocktail party favourites, sage is always a great idea for adding an extra level of refreshment.

For Health and Wellbeing

Make a Healing Oil

It is a complex process, but distilling your own essential oils can be very rewarding. Sage offers potent healing powers, so you should try a much simpler process for a start. Infuse the dried herb in a carrier oil for three to six weeks. The healing oil can be used to improve memory and attention, to give a pain-killing massage, and as a gargle for sore throats.

Improved Memory and Attention Span

Sage extract or sage essential oils have the ability to improve memory, attention span, alertness, and mood. A treatment with sage tincture can even improve cognitive function and behavior in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Natural Body Deodorizer

Embrace natural ways of smelling good. Eat more sage.

Natural Household Cleaner

Sage makes an effective and all-natural kitchen and bathroom cleaning agent due to its antimicrobial and antifungal effects.

Skin Benefits

Sage oil can slow down the signs of aging if used topically. Also, it can prevent scars and bacterial growth, and it can be used as a natural moisturizing lotion.