When we think of bacteria, we often imagine public toilets, bus seats, and other places with many people passing through. We never even think that we are surrounded by bacteria in our own home. The toilet seat is for sure a fist in the list of our knowledge for bacteria and germs habitat. But, what about the can opener, the blender?

Even the sponge we are using to clean the dishes is packed with bacteria we aren’t even aware of. Here is a list of 3 household items filled with bacteria which we must clean well and often to prevent their growth.

  • Blender

The blender’s gasket, the rubber seal at the base of many blenders, is one of the most germ and bacteria-infested household item. Clean thoroughly the entire jar base together with the rubber gasket with hot and soapy water after every use. You can put in the dishwasher also.

Always make sure to remove any food residue from any part of the blender, because there is where everything starts.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a HEPA filter, you are at risk of many microbes, germs, and bacteria entering your lungs. That can lead to many health problems, including difficulty breathing, allergies, and many other nasty infections.

Make sure to often clean the dust collector from the vacuum with a disinfectant, as well as the sponge-like filter. Wash it with hot water and detergent at least once a week, in order to prevent the growth of tiny damaging microorganisms.

  • Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen sponge is definitely the most dangerous of all items found in the home. It provides wet and moisture surrounding area for the bacteria to thrive in. if you try to wash off the dangerous bacteria, you won’t succeed.

It is known to cause many infections in people with a weak immune system, old people, and children. Always make sure to change the sponge regularly, at least once a week, especially if you live with children.

What you probably haven’t thought of, but is also an extremely significant carrier of bacteria is your mobile phone. Believe it or not, the daily use of this object in many different occasions and places makes it almost dangerously dirty.