You can benefit a lot from growing your own fruits and vegetables like saving money and getting the freshest produce possible. The choice is yours and why not have some fun and grow some unusual fruits and veggies in your garden? It is a great way to try new flavors…


It’s definitely an unusual one with a cool name. Dragon fruit has a red skin that projects out like fish fins, hence its name. This fruit is creamy inside and it will remind you of a kiwi, dotted with tiny, crunchy black seeds. Tastes a bit like a melon and just like kiwi, you won’t really notice the seeds when eating the pulp.

Dragon fruit offers lots of nutrients such as vitamin C, good level of fiber, and cancer-fighting antioxidants. The good news is that it can be grown anywhere in the world.


Also called mountain strawberries which are prettier than the plump modern garden strawberry. They have small white flowers and fruit held high, above the leaves.

Although they are tiny, alpine strawberries are full of juiciness and flavor and offer a depth that modern varieties can’t compete with. Alpine strawberries grow well in containers and prefer full sun for the best quality.


Japanese wineberries are gorgeous all year long and they grow similar to blackberries. This fruit has long, arching red-purple canes and they are especially attractive in the winter.

In comparison with raspberries, Japanese wineberries have a deeper, wine-like flavor. You should grow them in a sheltered area, like against sunny wall and they should be planted in well-drained but fertile soil.


This cold-tolerant fruit really tastes like banana ice cream. It is soft and creamy fruit and it’s really not like any other banana variety in the world. It tolerates temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and it can be grown just about anywhere. Another great thing about ice cream banana tree is that it has a beutiful burgundy flowers.


This bumpy green squash definitely looks a bit weird. Many people cook it with brown sugar to help balance out the bitterness. It is also known as bitter gourd and it is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. Karela is loaded with vitamin C and calcium and can help lower blood glucose levels in diabetics.

It is not difficult to grow this plant, you just have to provide a well-drained soil and a sunny spot in the garden. Make sure it gets a good amount of sunlight during the day and don’t expose karelas to extreme cold conditions.


This type of carrots really exist and there is nothing strange about it. Carrots were originally white and purple. Rainbow carrots come in many colors and that will give you a great opportunity to add lots of color to your garden.

Their visual interest makes them well worth planting and the flavor is pretty much the same.
You should also check out cucamelons, nopal cactus, kohlrabi, jicama, purple podded peas, and luffa!