Celery (Apium graveolens) it is believed to originate in South Africa. According to some records, it was used in medicine, and by the 17th century, it was not used as food.

In Homer’s time it was a symbol of beauty and joy, and then became a symbol of tears and mourning. In Rome, they used it as a symbol of victory.

It grows as a wild and cultivated plant that is grown in gardens. Most commonly grown in coastal areas. It is believed that wild celery is toxic, therefore it is not used as a medicine, while garden celery is considered to be an important medicinal plant.

Only the root of celery is used as a medicine. The leaves and root of this plant are rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils that give a strong, distinctive odor.

It has a reputation as a cleaner of the organism. It has a diuretic effect and helps with cravings. It is good against digestive difficulties and bloating. It contains vitamins K, C, B, potassium, phosphoric acid, and fibers.

 It’s also a good aphrodisiac. It treats various diseases that occur as a result of stress. It acts as a urinary antiseptic, it is effective for kidney diseases, helps the digestive system work properly, it also eliminates bad breath, and in the spring eliminates fatigue.

The celery contains properties for reducing the pressure. It contains a coumarin component that prevents the harmful effects of free radicals and stimulates the activity of white blood cells. Because of the high content of essential oils and terpenes, it acts antibacterial and antimicrobial.

It is used in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, excessive obesity, chest cramps, bloating, lack of appetite. It improves blood circulation. It’s good for diabetics.

They should eat it in soups or sauces. Juice regulates menstruation but is not recommended for pregnant women, as it can cause problems.

An interesting fact about the celery, which you certainly did not know, is that it is used for filming movies, that is when recording sounds. If you break the celery trunk, the sound will be identical to the sound of breaking bones.