You cannot make a bread, pizza, bakery goods or even a cake without the main ingredient, the flour. It can even be found in the wheat bread.

This base ingredient is heavily processed, in the process of producing it, the needed nutrients such as Iron and B vitamins are lost. In order for the white bread to be bright white, it is submitted to chemical bleaching, this can make it very unhealthy.

If you ever want to lose weight or if you are diabetic, you should avoid eating foods that contain white flour and sugar but how can you do this when these are the two main ingredients that are usually used for making food?

Healthier replacements of white bread

If you want to exclude the white flour from your life and start eating healthier or even lose some weight, there are some kinds of flour and other substances that can be used where white flour is the main ingredient and you will not spot the difference.

Coconut flour made from coconut meat

This kind of flour is not made from grains or nuts but it is full of fiber and protein, and the interesting part is that it is not really a flour and it is made from coconut meat. It is low in sugar and calories, so, if you are trying to lose weight this is the right product for you. Also, it contains healthy fats that increase the brain’s health.

Per 100g. it has only 415 calories.

Ground Almonds

Per 100g.-540 calories

Not only this product can be found in any health food store but, it has a large number of health benefits that are the same as eating almonds: reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, low cholesterol, and a great way to intake magnesium in your body.

Buckwheat flours brimful of Vitamin K

It is a seed that comes from a bushy plant comparable with sorrel and rhubarb. It contains Vitamin K that helps to control the blood sugar and even to lower the risk of diabetes. And another benefit of this buckwheat flower, that is not actually made from a wheat, is his fiber content.

It has 335 calories per 100g.

Well, the main ingredient in many dishes can be easily replaced with this healthy swaps that can be found in every health store or even in some ordinary stores. With these three ingredients, you will become the master of healthy cooking and baking.