The Chrystal Company developed a natural deodorant from a hunk of French-sourced mineral salt that looks like a crystal. Deodorants are used to reduce the bad smell. However, they contain chemicals that can easily get into the thin skin and right into our bloodstream. So, you are inputting all sorts of unwanted side effects because of those chemicals.

The negative side of the standard deodorants

They contain the following:

  • Parabens

They can be found in many products because they are usually used as a preservative. They are the most harmful additives that can cause allergic reactions, reproductive toxicity, and hormone disruption. Unfortunately, they have an influence on the rising incidence of the breast tumors.

  • Aluminum

It is used for clogging the pores to prevent sweating. But, it is connected with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It could also lead to a breast or prostate tumor if your body is not able to process the estrogen properly.

  • TEA & DEA

TEA is Triethanolamine while DEA is diethanolamine. They are used as a way to create a base for a cleanser. However, they can be toxic when they are absorbed for a long time in the body. TEA can cause allergic reactions while DEA can lead to kidney and liver damage.

  • Triclosan

The triclosan is actually a pesticide however it is used in many brand deodorants for killing the bacteria in the manufacturing process.

But, triclosan is connected with weight gain, allergies, and thyroid dysfunction, and with the inflammatory response.

  • Propylene Glycol

If you use this chemical on a daily base it can damage the central nervous system, the heart, and even the liver. Furthermore, it can cause skin irritation.

The Crystal Deodorant

It is known as deodorant stones and it helps you to reduce the bad odors without inhibiting the skin’s natural regulatory processes. It is different than the standard deodorant because it does not clog your pores, or leave any toxic residue. This deodorant will not prevent you from sweating but it will keep the odor-forming microbes away. You just need to smooth it under your arm like you would with a standard deodorant.

In order to work perfectly, you need to apply it a after shower, wet the surface of the deodorant stone and then rub it under your arms.

The difference between the ordinary and the crystal deodorant is huge. As you can see, the crystal deodorant does not contain any harmful toxin while the ordinary is made from a large number of toxins.