The carcinogen causing plastics are taking our lives, it is everywhere and it is harming our health and while also polluting the planet. Maybe it is cheap and convenient but is a risk not worth taking, it can cause a serious damage to the normal function of the endocrine systems and it can influence the body’s ability to produce natural hormones. This is a good reason to start removing it from our lives.

This four-week program aims to see the most toxic and unnecessary ingredient that can harm our health disappear. All you need to do to realize this plan is to start avoiding single-use plastics such as grocery bags, plastic water bottles etc.

Here is the 4 weeks plan or 28 days of reducing the damage causing plastics:

  • Week 1

You need to start recycling worn, unused, scratched food and drink storage containers because these can lead to pollution of your food with nasty chemicals. Also you need to start using more reusable wrap that is made with beeswax and reusable glass containers.

Start drinking water from a plastic-free water bottle that is made of grade steel or glass. Get rid of plastic baggies and switch to using safer, reusable food storage containers.

BPA-free plastics contain harmful chemicals that can be even worse than BPA toxins so you have to learn more about them in order to be more motivated to finish this program.

  • Week 2

You will need to buy your own non-plastic reusable containers. The old grocery shopping bags can help you as dog poop picker-uppers or for smaller wastebaskets, so you can use them again. In order not to throw away the liners you have used, empty the small wastebaskets into the larger trash.

Break down any huge cartons by pressing or stomping on them in order to fit more into one trash bag.

Rather than using salad bag for the salad you can buy a fresh salad. In order to do this, you will look for products of the least amount of packing.

Start composting your yard and garden waste and compostable food in order to use few plastic bags. Avoid microbeads that are usually found in toothpaste and face scrubs because they can pollute the ocean’s food chain.

  • Week 3

Not only you will get rid of plastics, but you will also save money just by skipping the drug store and making your own skin-care products. Also, you should avoid the plasticizing chemicals that are used for making beauty products which are really toxic.

Use a sustainable toothbrush, so you do not have to replace the entire toothbrush when the head is worn out. Also, with making homemade hair products you will eliminate plastic from your bathroom. But, you can also replace your old shower curtain with a new one that is safer and reusable and made from organic cotton.

  •  Week 4

If you do not want to make your own soap, or if you do not have enough time you can buy soap bars and body washes.

While you are shopping, you can bring your own tote bag and if you do not have one you can buy ones made of cotton or hemp. And if you want you can make your own carbonated drinks which are widely available and they have reusable glass bottles.

You can start making yogurt to avoid buying packaged foods and while you are cooking you should only use wooden or metal utensils.

Reflect back on your progress and see if you have been using plastics or have you reduced it from your life. And if you succeed you should be proud of yourself that you finally made it.