A family from New Mexico treated their two months young daughter with oil of cannabis. After they brought the young Amylea (1) home, she had her first stroke of epilepsy but they did not know what kind of type she had. She was transported to Colorado to continue with her treatment. At the hospital, the doctors continued to give her painkillers and drug cocktails but they had side-effects.

The family heard about the significantly miraculous benefits of the cannabis oil, they become hopeful again. Charlotte’s web is a kind of cannabis oil that was named after the girl whose life has been saved during the treatment with cannabis oil. Charlotte’s brain made connections that have not been made in years. After that Amylea’s mother has made a research with doctors and finally convinced them to let the cannabis oil into the hospital to treat Amylea despite the fact they were against it.

  • Amylea is an example of treating many children with epilepsy

After few days the nurses have already noticed positive changes. Cannabis is an effective medical option and it is currently classified by the federal government as a number one drug. Cannabis is an amazing plant that has treated carcinogen, saved the lives of epileptic children, and even treated countless others.

Amylea is the first and the youngest patient that was treated in a unique way, with cannabis oil in a hospital. After her, many patients were cured in the same way like Amylea with cannabis oil. She is an example of successful treatment for many children with epilepsy.

  • Arriving home after the long successful treatment

After the treatment, she is back at home in New Mexico with her family however now she is fighting a different battle. Amylea and many others like her cannot find the appropriate amount of cannabis oil that can satisfy the needs of all children that have epilepsy. Actually, Amylea’s mother is suing the New Mexico Department of health in order to get the propriety amount of cannabis oil to satisfy the needs of all the patients in the state.

Now the family has to trail back and forth to Colorado to buy their hemp oil a spokesman from Ultra Health said he’d be able to make enough to meet their needs if the state allowed him to.