Fasting is a very beneficial practice for the overall health. If all other diet plans fail, let’s try something that makes us feel like we are in hell itself – not eat.

Jokes aside, fasting is not the same as starving yourself, nor it is considered an actual diet. It is only a technique to change your habits and eating patterns. Recent research has indicated that a successful approach to fasting may improve your immunity to be as good as it can be.

What makes the fasting great?

As every other bodily function, immunity is very much susceptible to the wears and tears of aging, medicine, stress, and toxins. This is where fasting can help. Though it is not yet 100% proven in humans, studies in rats have found a definite link between the intermittent fasting (one of many fasting techniques) and the longevity of your life-span.

Moreover, studies show that the fasting also triggers stem cell regeneration in an old, damaged immune system. The way this works is that it shifts the stem cells that are in a dormant state, to a state of self-renewal. Hence, to reboot your immunity and strengthen its cells, exploring fasting options for a couple of days per six months will most definitely give you an overall healthier lifestyle.

3-Day Fasting (Begin with this option if you’re a newbie in fasting)

If you want to see a positive impact on your immunity, you need to start with 48 hours of fasting. As a newbie who hasn’t fasted before, you should be aware that more than two days with no food might make for an emotionally unstable mental state if you are not able to cope with the common side effects.

The intermittent fasting, also known as the cycling fasting is a phrase that means to eat what you want, or eat nothing at all in recurrent cycles that range from 14 up to 18 hours. You should go for longer time-frames between meals and abstaining from food until you reach a point where you can go without any food for 24 hours.

If you then feel this suits your organism greatly, you can begin alternating fasting in your lifestyle and even try a water-fast approach for a full immunity reset!