We all have read tons of articles about the health benefits of turmeric. Some of us use it, some are still reconsidering the idea. When we talk about this spice, usually we imagine the orange powder which in fact is the dried and powdered rhizome root of the plant Curcuma longa.

But have you wondered how does the plant look? Would you like to grow your own turmeric?

Here is how you can do that:

You will have to find fresh turmeric roots in some of your local health food stores or on the green market.

  • Choose a rhizome that looks fresh and has many buds on it.
  • ┬áCut the rhizome into smaller pieces with at least three buds on them-
  • Prepare a pot with good drainage and organic soil in it.
  • Place the rhizome pieces 2 inches deep with their buds facing upward.
  • Water the pot.

After a month, when you will be able to see your turmeric plants, start fertilizing twice per month using organic fertilizer.


After 8- 10 months the rhizome should be mature enough for harvesting. pull the rhizomes out of the soil. Select a few for replanting, but make sure to change the soil.

Storage and use:

The fresh roots should be stored in a cool and dry place;

If you want to make the turmeric powder, boil the roots for 45 minutes and then dry them for 7 days. Grind the dried roots.

You should use gloves while handling turmeric because it can color your hands.

I hope you will enjoy the pure and original taste of your homegrown turmeric as well as the beauty of this plant!