Are Deodorants Really Linked to Breast tumors?
A product that has come into question in relation to breast tumor is deodorant. How your deodorant could be affecting your body? Let’s take a deeper look!

  • Where Did the Link Between Deodorant and Tumor Come From?

A study which was conducted in 2001 was putting forth the hypothesis that breast tumor and underarm products could be connected. Where is the logic in that? First, the skin in that area is very thin which means that your body could be absorbing a higher amount of cosmetic ingredients into the organism. And second, the underarm area is regularly shaved by women and that also opens the body up for ingredients to enter directly into the bloodstream!
Deodorant is simply made of ingredients that try to keep you dry and protect you from odor. Generally speaking, there is nothing suspicious about deodorant that could possibly be causing breast cancer. After antiperspirants were invented, scientists suspected that this could be the reason for negative reactions within the body!

  • Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant: What’s the Difference?

Deodorants are supposed to make your underarm area smell good and the job of antiperspirants is to stop you from getting sweaty. If you did not know, the underarm odor is caused by the interaction of your underarm sweat and bacteria. So, women use antiperspirant in order to stop sweating and stop the body from smelling. Aluminum is an effective antiperspirant ingredient.

  • The Truth About Aluminium and Estrogen

According to a scientific study, when absorbed by the body, aluminum interacted with the body’s estrogen receptors. The body’s production of healthy amounts of estrogen could be hindered if receptors in the breasts are blocked with in any way. Also, according to the results of that study, the amount of estrogen in the body was directly linked to breast cancer.

The study of aluminum progressed and it turned out that aluminum isn’t absorbed by the body in large amounts. So, it is not possible that small amount of aluminum to cause breast cancer. However, studies are still being conducted regarding antiperspirants and cancer.

  • Should I Avoid Aluminium in Antiperspirants?

Aluminum antiperspirants are trying to stop you from sweating and that makes them stronger than traditional deodorants. Many individuals have experienced irritation provoked by aluminum.

It is never a bad idea to try with a more natural option which will keep your skin comfortable. In that way, you will always know exactly what ingredients are being put on your skin. Natural deodorants usually contain plant ingredients such as arrowroot powder and baking soda. They are much softer for the skin and great sweat absorbers. Also, you should try coconut oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter.

So, should you avoid aluminum in antiperspirants? The truth is that there is no solid evidence that links aluminum antiperspirants to breast cancer. But if you have some doubts about aluminum in your cosmetics, remember that there are many natural deodorant options out there. Try them!