Did you know that most of your back pain is probably caused by the sciatic nerve? It is the largest nerve in our bodies. It begins from each side of the lower spine, continues in the back of the ties and ends all the way down at the foot. It connects our legs and feet with our spinal cord, in other words, it enables us to feel our legs and walk.

It is expected that any inflammation or irritation of this nerve can cause a great amount of pain.Any pain felt along this nerve is called sciatica. It can be local, at only one point of it, or it can spread along the whole length. This second condition can cause a lot of discomforts and disable you from maintaining your daily routines.

Fortunately, we have found this recipe for you, that is known to relieve sciatic symptoms after a week of practicing it. It is a simple 10-minute routine and you will lose nothing by trying it.

All that you will need is a semi-large bucket in which you can fit both your legs, warm water, apple cider vinegar, and salt.

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Put about 10 liters of warm water in the bucket, add a liter of vinegar and a handful of salt. Mix the ingredients until the salt dissolves.


Soak your feet in this mixture every night for 15-30 minutes, before going to bed. When the water starts chilling dry your feet and immediately lay in bed. Avoid walking barefoot or having cold feet.

This treatment is expected to relax your nervous system and reduce any pain.