Plastic produced bags can be bad, we are already familiar with the harm to the wildlife that the floating plastic bags of the ocean are causing. It is a problem of our own well-being and it is getting worse, they can even harm our fruits or vegetables.

Not only do they harm the ocean, but they are awful for transporting or storing the foods inside them. Products that are stored in the plastic bags can absorb leaked toxins which could lead to pregnancy problems, genetic damage, and even hormonal imbalances.

Plastic produced bags suffocate the fresh product and trap in moisture, destroying the conditions that would preserve the food’s taste and nutritional value longer.

Replace plastic produced bags with your own reusable shopping bags

Many people have recently been switching to cheap, reusable produce bags so they can reduce their exposure to harmful plastic chemicals.  In addition, it allows the food to stay fresh for a longer period in the versatile fabrics that allow it to breathe instead of the stuffy plastic bags.

Make your own reusable produce bag

All you need is:

  • an organic cotton muslin or you can use an old t-shirt
  • Drawstring material
  • Sewing machine or it’s possible by hand
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron
  • Thread
  • Sewing pins
  • Safety pin

How to make it:

The bag at the end should be about 12” wide and 14” long. Try to leave 1/2” allowances for the seams.

Lay out your fabric so it has 2 layers then cut a rectangle that’s 13” by 16” so that you get two equal pieces. Make sure the 2 pieces are overlapping and measure 2.5” down on one of the long ends. Mark that spot and leave that marked-off sections to later make the casing for your drawstring. From that mark you left, sew a seam around the fabric, leaving only the last side and the drawstring casing open. The last open side will be the top of your bag.

Fold and press 1/2” to the inside of the bag of the top edge with your iron. On the open section side, open the seam allowance and the drawstring portion. From the top edge, stitch down to the bottom of the 2.5” opening. Stop there, pivot, and sew across the side seam for around 1”. Stop again, pivot, and sew back to the top edge. Fold over 1” around the top edge to the inside of the bag and press with your iron. This will make the drawstring casing.    Stitch all the way around the edge of the 1” fold you just made, creating the casing. Cut your cord long enough to go around the bag through the casing with enough space left to tie a knot. A length of around 34” works well.

Wrap the ends of the cord with tape. Stick your safety pins through one taped end of your cord and use that to feed it through the casing. Tie an overhand knot connecting the ends of the cord. And voila, you will no longer need to use the harmful plastic bags.