Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that is essential for optimal digestive health and most of the people are familiar with them. But not many people understand the meaning of prebiotics which is definitely undervalued.

Understanding Prebiotics

Prebiotics become fuel for the healthy gut bacteria, once they arrive in the gut. These non-digestible fiber compounds can’t be broken by digestive enzymes or gastric acids. Probiotics and prebiotics are included in the fermentation of food that will sustain a healthy digestive system. Moreover, prebiotics and probiotics can maintain a good balance of beneficial gut bacteria.


Improved Digestion & Gut Health

Higher consumption of prebiotic food results in more beneficial probiotic organisms. Probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids when the gut microflora is healthy. Those fatty acids are beneficial for improving the health of the intestinal lining and regulating electrolyte levels.

Reduced Inflammation

Reduce inflammation by consuming a diet high in fiber and prebiotics. This can lower the risk markers for cardiovascular diseases. A healthy digestive tract improves metabolic processes that are associated with obesity and type-2 diabetes. Moreover, it can turn off autoimmune reactions and helps the body to metabolize nutrients better.

Enhanced Immunity & Cancer Protection

Our immunity is stronger when our healthy gut flora is well populated. Your body will digest vital nutrients if you consume a diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics. Colon cancer is often linked with a toxic overload but by consuming food with prebiotics the risk for cancer can be lowered, according to a scientific study.

The combination of probiotics and prebiotics has super-power immune-boosting potential for conditions like:

  • urinary tract infections
  • vaginal yeast infections
  • colds and flu
  • cognitive disorders
  • digestive disorders

Improved Moods

Mood-related conditions are intimately tied to gut health. The health of the gut is among the factors which influence on both mood and hormone balance. The nutrients which we ingest are used to support neurotransmitter functions that make hormones which regulate moods and the gut is responsible for the absorption and metabolization of nutrients from the foods we consume.

Bone Health & Protection

Prebiotics help the body absorb minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and iron. All of them are essential for keeping bones strong and preventing osteoporosis. According to a study, 8g of prebiotics per day can impact on the uptake of calcium in the body.

Best Sources of Prebiotics:

  • raw garlic
  • raw or cooked onions
  • raw jicama
  • raw asparagus
  • raw dandelion root
  • acacia gum
  • underripe bananas
  • raw chicory root
  • raw honey

Eat a healthy diet because that’s the key to a healthy gut. Intake more raw and fermented foods on a daily basis because only in that way your gut can work properly and protect you from unwanted consequences.