Body acidity is a constant subject when it comes to healthy lifestyle. This is so because, unfortunately, most of the population has the same problem. Why? As you probably know, high sugar intake means high body acidity. It’s that simple, but also extremely hard to improve the situation. Our lifestyles and all of the marketing that we are exposed to, make it almost impossible to restrain our selves from processed food, refined sugar and exposure to other chemicals.

The status of acidosis

When your body is constantly in an acidic state, it is called acidosis. In this condition, the minerals from your bones such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium are being used to help with the alkalization. This means that your bones will strongly suffer and your bone tissue will lose its strength. That is why high body acidity is a reason for arthritis and osteoporosis.

Acidosis and bone health

A study that lasted for 7 years and in which 9000 women took part indicated that people with acidic pH levels have a greater chance of bone fractures. Whats more, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition points out that falls of women with acidosis will most often result in hip fractures.

Alkaline body

In order to make your body alkaline, you have to improve your diet. You need to have a balanced diet that contains bigger amounts of fresh food, fresh and clean water intake, less refined sugar, less alcohol etc.

Stress also affects your overall health so less stress and long walks will also help you solve this problem.

Here is a tasty lemonade recipe that will give you additional help fighting acidosis, if consumed daily.



  • 2 lemons
  • 2tsp of organic honey
  • water


– squeeze the juice from the lemons;

– in a glass add the juice, the honey and fill it up with water;

– stir well.


During the tasty and refreshing lemonade during the day.