Respiratory problems can be very annoying and they can cause discomfort for a longer period. These issues are irritating, especially during this part of the year.

The most common form of sinus disease

“Sinus infection” or sinusitis causes the walls of the initial respiratory passage to become inflamed and swell up. This, successively, causes headaches, a buildup of mucus, high fever, and pain in the throat and nose.

Major causes of sinusitis

  • Common causes for the condition are viral infections, mostly when there is an epidemic going around. A virus infects several people because of their close contact.
  • Irritation in the sinuses can also be caused by the weather conditions, especially if you are facing dry and polluted winds in mid-fall.
  • Allergic reactions are also a factor for sinus infections and they can cause even more serious and recurring symptoms.
    With this being said, clearly, there is a need for a cure that will be long-lasting, effective and permanent. Once again, nature has the power to offer that sort of functional cure and that’s no surprise!

100% natural and healthy cure for sinusitis + It’s Organic

Natural cures are the best choice you can make to fight off sinusitis. Learn more and follow this helpful organic and natural cure that will keep the symptoms at bay and at the same time, it will keep your body healthy.


• Horseradish, 125g
• Honey, 1 tablespoon
• Ginger, 2cm strip
• Cinnamon, 2 tablespoons
• Lemons, 4 pieces


Blend the ginger and horseradish in a food processor until you get a smooth texture. Slice the lemon and remove the seeds and the peel. Add the lemon to the ginger and horseradish mixture and mix them until you get a thin paste. Mix together the cinnamon and honey, and in order to mix everything up, blitz it lightly together. Place the mixture in a glass jar.

Twice a day, take a spoonful of the paste and pay attention to the symptoms. After the symptoms are gone completely, use the paste at least one more week.

It is good for the immune system because it will make it stronger and more effective in the battle with sinusitis infection. This way you will get rid of the synthetic medicines for good!

Note: In case of excessive symptoms or a medical emergency, please consult a doctor.