If you try to nourish your skin with natural oils once, it’s hard to get back to the creams you’ve been used to.

Skincare with vegetable oils is by far the most suitable and most natural way to keep your skin young, moisturized, clean, and super healthy.

Natural herbal oils can fix many dermatological problems with just a little resistance.

What are natural vegetable oils

We must, first of all, know that essential oils and natural vegetable oils are not synonyms. Essential oils are a set of natural substances from plants and are obtained by distillation.
They are very concentrated, and when used individually, they can cause irritation on the skin.

In contrast, natural vegetable oils are fats derived from fruits, seeds or other parts of plants, most often by cold pressing.
Natural vegetable oils can be used individually for skin treatment but let we don’t skip that they are very effective and useful for our skin.

In aromatherapy, these oils are often called bases because they serve as a base for the addition of essential oils.
Each drop of natural vegetable oil contains purely natural substances and compounds from plants.

Oils for oily and mixed skin

Apply Natural oil on your oily or mixed skin, is it ok? Natural oils will give your skin elasticity, eliminate excess sebum and remove pigmentation spots or acne scars from it, which is a very common problem for oily and mixed skin.

What is the best oil for this skin type?

Hazelnut oil will effectively hydrate oily and mixed skin. Catechins and tannins make this oil “dry” and it is excellent for regulating the elimination of fat.

Hazelnut oil reduces skin pores and is excellent for treating acne. This oil has a rejuvenating result on every skin type; it’s one of the few natural oils that hold UV protection and acts as an antioxidant.

Hazelnut oil is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it is very gently; there is a minimal risk of irritation.

Sunflower oil will solve the problem of expanded pores. It is known that pores in the oily skin are wider than in normal or dry skin.

Often, it is specific because of their expansion of the pores that they enclose sebum and impurities. This oil will make your skin smooth, clean, beautiful, and healthy.

Argan oil is best known to many for the fact that its famous hair nourisher and, as a result, it is excellent and healthy. However, argan oil is also suitable for the care of oily skin.

Argan oil is very rich in vitamin E, also very abundant with unsaturated fatty acids, and carotenes. This oil is quickly absorbed, and it will help the skin to glow with a natural shine.

New mothers will surely delight the news that this oil is often used for the care of baby’s skin and is completely safe for babies.

The jojoba oil is not an oil. It naturally rests in a slightly less liquid state and is called wax. It is not recommended to apply it alone, but mix it up to a maximum of 30% with other vegetable oils to get the best results.
Jojoba will give your skin the moisture and elasticity at the same time-fighting acne.

Each type of skin likes avocado oil

Avocado oil is an ideal solution for the everyday care of all skin types because …

  • It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E
  • Contains potassium that is in the known as a mineral of youth loaded with beta-carotenoids and unsaturated fatty acids
  • sterolins from avocado oil remove pigmentation spots, spots, and scars
  • This oil increases the production of collagen – the best ally of the young look
  • It easily absorbs deep into the tissue and soothes the skin that makes it ideal for the care of mature skin
  • It helps against peeling of skin in psoriasis and eczema
  • Prevents skin drying caused by the sun and high temperatures

With avocados, you can nourish not only the facial skin but also whole body area and your hair.

Oils for dry and mature skin

Almond oil will very quickly calm the irritated, dry skin. It has a smoothening effect, so dry skin will soon become soft, and tight.

Dry skin is prone to mild itching and swelling – the almond oil will prevent these unpleasant occurrences.
As research shows, almond oil is also excellent protection against UV radiation that speeds up the aging of the skin.

Olive oil is not only widely used in cooking. Ever since ancient times, olive oil is known to be effective in skin care.
This oil makes dry skin silky and smooth and does not cause allergies and irritations that are typical for this type of skin.

The wild rose oil is the most effective when it comes to dry and aged skin. Essential fatty acids and a very high percentage of vitamin A make this oil ideal for skin regeneration. Mature skin cherishes the wild rose oil as it stains wrinkles, removes pigmentation stains, and it’s extremely nutritious.

Cottonseed oil also is effective in hydrating dry skin with redness and itching. Predominant in omega-6 fatty acids, this oil will also make the softest skin softer. Phytosterols which cottonseed oil has in abundance, form a protective layer on the skin, allowing it to retain moisture.

Skin care treatment with natural vegetable oils

First, thoroughly wash your (face or any other part of the body) with an alcohol-free product and dry your skin with a towel.
Pour into the palm of your choice the desired blend of oil in equal proportions (you need only a few drops).

Carefully put the oil on the skin and wait 5-10 minutes to absorb. Remove the excess lipid with a towel. Repeat the procedure in the morning and also in the evening.

Natural oils are the best care you can afford for your skin.
They usually come in a 100 ml container, so, it will last for a very long time. Once you start using natural oils, a rejuvenation that your skin will experience will be amazing.

It’s time to start using vegetable oils for naturally-healthy skin folks!