Scientific research has confirmed that Candida albicans are associated with inflammation and autoimmune conditions which can lead to psoriasis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases.

Christina Zielinski, the author of the study, along with her colleagues identified the basic signals that contribute to whether or not a pathogenic or anti-inflammatory immune cell develops. She is sure that an imbalance in out microbial microflora has a significant impact on the development of chronic inflammatory illnesses such as psoriasis and rheumatism.

According to Dr. Zielinski, our organism is composed of ten times more microbial cells than our body’s own cells and it is not easy to keep that under control.

It seems that interleukin 1b is a decisive molecular switch and blocking this messenger substance is a great way to start a therapy for inflammatory diseases. This will not lead to a weakening of the immune system and will enable the cells without losing the ability to fight dangerous pathogens.

Pulling up the abstract for this study shows Candida albicans as the cause. Dr. Zielinski noted that their findings demonstrate that by eliciting different cytokines, Candida albicans and Staph aureus prime TH17 cells that produce either IFN-γ or IL-10 and identify IL-1β and IL-2 as pro- and anti-inflammatory regulators of TH17 cells both at priming and in the effector.

Also, it turned out that S. aureus is able to counter the inflammatory effects produced by Candida albicans. Staph bacteria that have been exposed to antibiotics can cause life-threatening illnesses.

Also, it is known that systematic fungal candida is mainly caused by antibiotics. The health is upset by antibiotics, either through medications or through conventionally raised foods.

A multi-faceted approach is needed in order to correct that imbalance. That approach will revert the fungal form of candida back to its normal yeast form, it will boost the appropriate immune response, detoxify the body, and help restore normal healthy tissue flora.

Don’t use anything that is designed to kill candida because that will create other imbalances. To correct this overall imbalance you must restore and preserve the balance of the intestinal flora.