Have you ever wanted to eat snacks at night but you were not able because you have to lose weight, or you want to eat healthily? Here is some good news, you can now eat healthy snacks after 7 pm.

Here are some snacks that will help you to fall asleep  and satisfy  your desire to eat:

  • Healthy green smoothies

If you have skipped your dinner you can always make a smoothie, all you need is an organic kale, banana, grapes and organic coconut water. We are all familiar with the fact that green foods have the most nutrients.

  • Homemade slushy

You do not want to be hungry and deconcentrated while you are studying all night, all you have to make is a homemade slushy using a cup of ice, a slice of fresh watermelon, few fresh organic grapes and one-half of fresh lemon in your blender. This can help you to concentrate more and study harder.

  • Gluten-free oat groat cereal

If you are moody and do not want to eat all day, this can help you to satisfy your need to eat. You can make this gluten-free oat groat cereal that has a little avocado, a small amount of coconut milk and some nuts.

  • Organic spinach

You are watching a movie and you want to order a pizza? Well, if you want to avoid that and eat a healthy meal, you should make an organic spinach pie with a half-cup of Kimchi or fermented raw organic sauerkraut on top.

  • Turmeric and ginger tea with milk

Making a tea of organic turmeric, ginger and warm coconut milk with cinnamon in your blender can replace the desire for eating unhealthy snacks.

  • Replace popcorn with organic pumpkin seeds

Instead of popcorn, you can use ½ a cup raw organic pumpkin seeds, combined with just a tiny bit of Celtic sea salt.

  • Soup, if you are Insulin resistant

This soup contains 2 cups of fresh organic shiitake mushrooms, a small garlic clove, one small teaspoon of Celtic sea salt, one-half chopped cucumber, some chopped organic kale, one-half avocado and three cups of pure filtered warm water. It will help you to fight against the insulin issue.

  • Walnuts, almonds

You have a lack of magnesium in your body? That can be easily filled with just eating a few organic raw walnuts or almonds.

These snacks will help you to improve your health and to fulfill the lack of Vitamins in your body. Sometimes, eating a hamburger or a hot dog, or drinking Coca-Cola and Soda, will make you satisfied for the moment but you do not know how much it influences your health in a negative way.