Catnip, catswort or catmint is known for the intense attraction most cats have towards it. Catnip has a really good influence on the human body, it can help you feel relaxed, it can calm you down when you are stressed or it can relieve migraines. With a simple step, like drinking the catnip tea you can change your everyday routine and do your chores more relaxingly.

Before we see the advantages of drinking catnip tea, you have to learn the simple recipe for heartburn and indigestion that can help you stop the stomachaches and even diarrhea.

For the warm catnip tea that can help you with heartburn and indigestion, you will need 1 teaspoon of catnip, ½ teaspoon of lemon balm, and one teaspoon fennel. You have to pour 2 cups of boiling water over this mixture and to leave them to steep for 5 minutes. If you want, you can add honey for better taste.

An even more simple recipe is to pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of dried and chopped catnip leaves. Leave the tea for 7-10 minutes and then you have to strain it before drinking, and also you can drink this tea with honey.

  • Mild sedative properties

Catnip Is a herb that can be used for slowing down the body’s natural cycles and reducing the stress from your daily life. It has mild sedative properties that can reduce the body’s physical and mental variations like menstrual pain, headaches, insomnia, muscular pain, and cramps. It can also relieve the stress caused by chronic anxiety.

  • Reducing the digestive issues

The recipe for heartburn and indigestions can help you to reduce the digestive issues like constipation, cramps and even bloating. It has anti-inflammatory effects that can help relieve the feeling of discomfort and tightness.

  • Hot cup of tea against the colds and flu

Not only that this herb can help you with you digestive system, it can also be a great cure for colds and flu. It has an ability to induce perspiration without enlarging the heat of the system.

This magnificent tea has a great benefits and a good influence of your life, it can keep you calm and relaxed and also it can help you with some digestive problems. All you have to do is to drink 2 or 3 cups a day to see a important change.