Graviola is the commercial name of the soursop fruit. It is a green fruit with white edible flesh and indigestible black seeds at the core. It is the only edible fruit from this species and it is very popular in Latin America and Asia.

But this article is about the nutritional and healing properties that the leaves of soursop tree have.

The leaves are used to treat various kinds of infections caused by microorganisms such as bacteria or parasites such as leishmaniasis. This condition is induced by sand fleas, coughs or herpes. The Graviola leaves can be also used for relaxation. Here are some of the uses:

Pain reduction

Many of the food supplements for reduction of swells and pain contain soursop leaves. A research has shown that it reduces the swells and pain caused by burns.

Viral infection treatment

An article published in “The Journal of Ethnopharmacology” claimed that the extract from soursop leaves inhibits the herpes virus. Unfortunately, there is lack of research for a more detailed use.

Tumor preventive

These leaves have the property to inhibit malign cells’ replication. A study was published that informs about the positive influence in cases of pancreatic tumor.


Sadly, because of lack of research, there is no precise dose information. The recommended dose may vary depending on the age and health status of the consumer. Always follow the instructions on the product, or consult your doctor.

Side effects

Never take any soursop leaves tea on your own hand, without consulting your doctor. According to a research done in the French West Indies consuming too much of this plant can lead to movement disorders.

Soursop tea recipe:

  • 1l water;
  • 15 soursop leaves;
  • 1 soursop stem

Put the ingredients in the boiling water. Continue boiling the tea for 30 more minutes without covering the pot. When half of the water evaporates, your tea will be ready.

You should consume 1 cup of tea three times a day, before every meal. For a richer taste, you can add lemon, mint leaves or honey to your tea.