It is well-known fact that soda and Coca-Cola are bad for us (100ml Coke contains 7 teaspoons of sugar). Many brands try to push “healthy” alternatives that can actually be just as bad for you. Moreover, some of those juices are owned by Coca-Cola and Pepsico!
Juices are high in sugar and that can lead to problems with blood sugar balance and insulin resistance. This could possibly lead to hyperglycemia or diabetes.


After reading this you will probably think twice before adding these juices to a smoothie. Read the list of the most popular blood-sugar-raising juices.

1. Tropicana
This juice contains 23g of sugar per 250ml. It is a pure original orange juice but think again, that’s 9.2g of sugar per 100ml.
2. Dole
The 100% pure orange juice contains 23g per 240ml and the pineapple juice contains 22g of sugar per 175ml.
3. Naked Juice
On the veggie side in Berry Veggie and Kale Blazer, there are 34g of sugar per 450ml and 49g of sugar per 450ml in Orange Carrot flavor. Ranges from 26g per 450ml for Peachy Almond to 61g per 450ml in Pomegranate Blueberry on the juice side.
4. Minute Maid
The Fruit Punch contains 23g per 250ml. The 100% Orange Juice has 25g per 250 ml.
5. Vitamin Water
The Zero brand has no sugar or calories. Vitamin water ranges from 29-32 per 591ml.
6. Blueprint Juice Cleanse
The most popular is Green Juice which contains 24g per 473ml. Other flavors contain a lot more, 51g per 473ml.
7. Ocean Spray
100% Cranberry Juice has 23g per 250ml.
8. Odwalla
The Vanilla Protein Shake contains 43g per 449ml, while the Mango Tango Smoothie has 55g per 449ml.
9. Allen’s
100% Pure Apple Juice has 25g per 250ml.
10. Welch’s
Grape Juice contains 36g per 240ml.


Consult your doctor if you notice any symptoms of high blood sugar. Increased thirst, weight loss, fatigue, and frequent volume of urination, those are the early symptoms of high blood sugar. Skin infections, damage to nerves, eyes, kidneys, or blood vessels, stomach/intestinal problems are the signs that usually appear later.
High blood sugar is slowly taking away the ability of cells in the pancreas to create insulin. It acts like a poison to your body. The pancreas can overcompensate causing insulin levels to stay high which can provoke permanent damage in the pancreas.


When it comes to picking a juice you must be aware of words like puree, and ingredients like cane sugar.
Puree is higher in calories and has added sugar. It is a liquid or creamy paste made through crushed fruits and vegetables. Cane sugar comes from the cane plant and is the pure, unrefined form of sugar. There is no big difference between cane sugar and other refined types.

Always have in mind to keep things in moderation and avoid overindulging. These brands may have some health benefits, but they contain a great amount of sugar. Drink more water, that’s the best advice!