Fake olive oils are all over the markets, they are actually not pure and are either mixed with canola or colza oil or blended with a cruder version of olive oil and then chemically colored and flavored. This olive oil can harm your body and it can even fool you not to recognize the difference between false and real olive oil. But, luckily there are some ways that can help you to see the difference.

Put the olive oil in the fridge

If your olive oil looks exactly the same after being refrigerated for 2 hours then it is fake olive oil. You need to put the olive oil in the fridge because the monounsaturated fats become cloudy in cold temperatures.

But, sometimes, the olive oils that have been mixed with non-pure olive oil will still appear cloudy just to pass this test.

Tasting the olive oil

The problem with this test is that fake olive oil has been sold for so long, that even food experts cannot tell the difference anymore. Food experts were trying to taste a wide range of olive oils but they ended up with mixing the flavors. They thought that the real olive oil was fake, and the cheapest one was pure.

Purchase pure olive oil from the farmers at your local farmer’s market

If you do not want to spend money on fake olive oils and test them at home, you need to buy them from the right place. If you want to buy pure olive oil, you should get to know the farmers at your local farmer’s market and find out about their olive oil.

What you need to look out for when buying olive oil at the grocery store

  • Avoid transparent containers
  • Look for a seal of approval from The International Olive Oil Council
  • Try to find a harvesting date on the bottle
  • If it is cheaper than $10/1 liter, it must be mixed with vegetable oil
  • Finally, you should buy only cold-pressed olive oil

The perks of using olive oil

  • It is full of heart-healthy fat such as monounsaturated fats
  • Reduces the risk of stroke caused by a clogged artery
  • Helps to fight against osteoporosis
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Lowers the risk of depression

Knowing the difference between false and real olive oil can help you to cook healthy meals without filling your body with chemicals and even chemically added flavors.