The ingredients of the dryer sheets are dangerous for our health. In fact, they contain many toxic substances that can lead to allergies and even asthma so the next time you have difficulties with breathing maybe you should change these sheets.

Also, dryer sheets are full of chemicals that can cause serious health issues and they can affect our nervous system, leading to memory loss or lack of focus, and you do not want that especially when you had studied hard the whole day.

The process of making the sheets look soft and fresh is really dangerous it includes chemicals like ethanol which can cause disorders to the central nervous system. The known carcinogen-limonene and chloroform that is also a neurotoxin are present in this product.

But it does not have to be like this, there is a different way to freshen your clothes without all of these dangerous substances.

White vinegar recipe for making clothes smell like a floral bouquet

  • 8 oz amber spray bottle
  • 1 Cup of white vinegar
  • Strips of cloth*
  • Essential oils

White vinegar can make your clothes smell like a floral bouquet and this way you have chemical-free and reusable dryer sheets.

First step

If you want to keep the aromatic and therapeutic effects of the essential oils you have to pour one cup of vinegar into an amber glass bottle to prevent deterioration.

Second step

You can experiment with different combinations and amounts to use the desired oils, you can pour about 25-30 drops of lavender and lemon but it is up to you to decide about your desired scents.

Way of use

The instructions are really easy, all you need to do is spray each sheet until it is moistened enough. One sheet is enough for a standard load of laundry. After the clothes are totally dry, you can remove the dryer sheet and put it back to your container and use it again for the next load. It is that easy and simple to use.

In just a few minutes you can have a chemical-free and reusable dryer sheets that are much better than the commercially available dryer sheets which contain toxic substances and are made of chemicals that can endanger our health.