A lemon and honey drink in the morning works wonders for health and probably most of you have heard about that. It is because both of them contain powerful therapeutic properties which make an excellent health tonic when combined.

It doesn’t take much effort to make this drink and drink it in one go. Most people start looking forward to this energy drink within a few days of starting on it. Why not give it a try?!

The Honey- Lemon Drink:

First, boil a cup of water, let it cool and add a teaspoonful of organic honey. Stir well to dissolve and then, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the honey water. Give it a stir and drink up immediately after preparing it.

It is highly recommended to consume this drink on an empty stomach in order to derive all the benefits. Heating honey makes it toxic, according to Ayurvedic principles, so don’t reheat the mixture.

Reasons To Start The Day With This Drink

  • It is a healthy, low-calorie drink

This drink is very easy to prepare as we said before. It provides the right amount of calories from the natural sugars in the honey. Also, it provides a host of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals and they do count on an empty stomach.

  • It aids digestion

This is one of the most noticeable benefits of drinking lemon and honey water. It increases stomach acid production and bile secretion.

  • It acts as a diuretic

The production of urine can be increased by diuretics. Those substances are often prescribed by doctors to treat hypertension and edema caused by excess amount of water in the body. The good news is that lemon-honey water can help eliminate excess fluid and reduce edema and hypertension.

  • It detoxifies the body

Food which is contaminated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers brings numerous toxic substances in your body. Through our skin and respiratory tract, we also absorb environmental pollutants, especially in the liver and kidneys. Lemon-honey water is a powerful detoxification agent and a liver tonic which improves its function of neutralizing toxins.

  • It increases immunity

Lemon-honey drink has an immunomodulating effect which can protect you from seasonal infections as well as allergies. Keep taking this drink every day and you’ll notice a significant reduction in colds and flu. Honey treatment is often advised when people have severe allergies to pollen.

  • It treats throat infections

This water provides instant relief, but the effect is not superficial or temporary. Honey applied to wounds and burns aid their healing thanks to the peroxides it contains. They act as disinfectants. So, drinking lemon-honey water will help reduce the bacterial load in the infected area.