An amazing plant has been discovered by Israeli researchers. Apparently, that ancient flower helps treat type-2 diabetes naturally. The team is working with drug companies to isolate the plant’s “active ingredient”. They are trying to synthesize the “active ingredient” and turn into a patented, corporate-owned pharmaceutical drug!

Chiloadenus Iphionoides is the name of the plant, but it is also known a sharp varthemia. The plant has a stocky, furry-looking stem with spiny yellow flowers. Samples from this aromatic plant revealed antidiabetic activity, helping to improve sugar absorption into muscle and fat cells. Also, they were able to reduce blood sugar levels.

Whole-plant sharp varthemia can’t be patented, so drug companies will steal one component in order to make a profit from it!

Sharp varthemia is effective at treating diabetes and in their study they’ve stated that the plant’s extract increased insulin secretion in s cells and glucose uptake in adipocytes and skeletal myotubes. Despite the fact that the mechanism of action remains to be determined, Chiliadenus iphionoides demonstrates anti-diabetic activity.

Clearly, they had a positive clinical outcome which can’t fatten the wallets of drug industry CEOs and executives. They only profit when medicinal components are isolated and synthesized, but natural plants can’t be patented. With this being said, the scientists will have to figure out how to steal the plant’s “active ingredient” which itself is an inappropriate name because plants contain a host of bioactive components that work together to promote healing. That sort of synergy can’t be understood by any human scientist. However, when there are profits to be made, nothing else matters. The essence of the pharmaceutical industry is bio-piracy. Without a doubt, natural plants and herbs work the best, but you can’t make money with them!

Scientists will try to identify sharp varthemia’s “active ingredient” and they will use it to develop a drug that can be patented and sold for billions of dollars. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will declare sharp varthemia to be an “unapproved drug” if anyone tries to sell the plant in its whole form as medicine. What a great scenario, don’t you agree?!

People must be informed about biopiracy. We must create awareness among consumers so when they use products they know that biopiracy might be involved.