With the revoking of the Country-of-Origin labeling law on beef and pork, the customers that buy them now do not have the right to know where the meat is actually coming from. So, the Americans are really disturbed about the origin of this product, especially for the chicken meat.

The chicken industry does not want to reveal where is the meat actually coming from, so they are keeping it as a secret. A brave American farmer who is from a meat processing company revealed the company’s big secrets. The farmer said that they were actually advertising and labeling their products with things that are far from the truth.

According to the company, the chicken meat should be from cage-free chicken that is not using hormones or steroids. But that is unfortunately far from the reality. The chickens are crammed into the farmhouse and left without fresh air and enough space to move around. They are full of bacteria and diseases that cause them to die. In fact, a large number of chickens are dying in one day at the same place as the other chickens that succeed to stay alive.

The farmer says that the labels “cage-free” or “no hormones or steroids” are false and meaningless. The chickens need to be fed in order to stay alive. There are pharmaceuticals in the bird food. Even after they banned the use of antibiotics, they still feed the birds with drugs that are not classified as antibiotics but are still as bad as the antibiotics.

The Video that can actually help you to see the truth behind the “Organic” Meats and Eggs

There are videos on the net where you can face the truth about the conditions that the chickens are actually living in, and how are they fed.

After this, you will realize that the big companies are manipulating people through the food they are providing to us for eating.

You can see that everything that is written on the labels and everything you see on commercials is, in reality, a trick to attract more customers.